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Howden School of TaeKwon-Do

Resources and information to learn the Art of Hand and Foot

Welcome to our Home Page

Welcome to Howden School of TaeKwon-Do

Established in 1996, Howden school of TaeKwon-Do teaches original TaeKwon-Do developed by the Grandmaster Choi Hong Hi (1918-2002). Our aim is to promote TaeKwon-Do and the positive benefits that can be achieved through regular training.

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Being well established in Livingston, the school has grown from humble beginnings with just a small number of students to one with an excellent reputation for quality tuition and team spirit.

The schools instructors and students can boast of many accolades and numerous achievements over the years. These include representing Scotland in World and European events. And of course, successfully producing many black belts both young and old, male and female. Our school has grown by reputation over the years, with students family members and friends coming along for classes that are enjoyable, challenging and invigorating.

Whether you would like to improve your fitness level or perhaps gain a little more confidence, people of all ages can benefit from the experience of a taekwon-do class.

Check out our Calendar to see what is coming up and which classes are available.