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Information about Us and TaeKwon-Do

Our Instructors and Blackbelts


Mr D Lupton V

Founder of Howden School of TaeKwon-Do and plaqued member of ITF Scotland. Lead instructor for all classes.

(Assistant Instructor)

Mr G Graham III
Mr A McQuade III

(Assistant Instructor)

Mr S Fraser II
Mr J Tucker II

(Assistant Instructor)

Mr A Blaber I
Ms D McIver I
Ms S McQuade I
Mr J Ricci I
Mr A Simpson I
Affiliations and Foundings

Affiliation: International TaeKwon-Do Federation (Scotland)

Founded: 1996

Our Club
Let our kids classes kickstart your childs social development, teaching interaction,respect,discipline and self-control. Classes are fun and energetic and taught by experienced instrucors. And for adults, we have a programme that will motivate and challenge you to a new level of fitness and defence awareness in a friendly and enjoyable class. Ideal for beginers.